Community Benefit Fund

A long-standing commitment made by Berwickshire Community Renewables has been to make an annual Community Benefit payment from the windfarm, and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve now signed a formal agreement with two local community groups to put this fund in place. In line with Scottish Government Good Practice, we’ve agreed to make an annual payment of £5000 per megawatt of installed capacity – £37,500 per year for our 7.5MW development. This will be index-linked, so it will rise with inflation each year.

Community benefit agreement

These funds will be split equally between the Oldhamstocks Community Association, and Cockburnspath and Cove Community Council, in order to directly benefit those living in close proximity to the development. We’ve placed no restrictions on how the funds can be spent as we believe the communities themselves are best placed to decide how to invest in their local area. Ensuring the local benefits from our turbines is a key principle for us; we want to see renewable energy help build thriving communities in East Lothian and the Borders, and beyond. In a future article we’ll be exploring how Berwickshire Housing Association and Community Energy Scotland will be investing the rest of the profits at a regional and national level, to help spread the benefits further.