Construction Update 12th December

Although there has been a lot of progress over the past month and a half, there isn’t a huge amount to show for it as most has been internal work on the turbines, getting all the mechanical and electrical components connected. They should be ready to start commissioning works early in January.

Our substation at Hoprigshiels

Work has also been ongoing at the site substation, with the backup power supply due to be fitted tomorrow. The area around the substation has been landscaped and paths laid to the doors, now that all the cables are in.

The completed substation at Innerwick

Off-site, Excalon should have all their cabling completed before Christmas, except possibly some of the optical fibres being laid for communication between the turbines and the network operator. The substation at Innerwick is now also completed apart from the interior electrical works, and some landscaping around the building.