Construction update 6th November

The three turbines are finally all up, and the site is much quieter with the two cranes away to their next project. Here are a few photos showing the works from the past few weeks.

T2 and T2 basking in the sunshine
The top tower section being lifted into place at T3
Preparing the nacelle for lift-off
The first blade is slotted into place on the final turbine
T3 completed
A full set!

Good progress is being made by Scottish Power and Excalon off-site as well; all the 33kV ducts for our connection are in except for a few very short sections, so the roads are all open again (there are still some closures between Thornton Bridge and the A1 for the 11kV cabling works for the Kinegar turbines). Thank you again for your patience during these works. There will still be some cable jointing to finish over the next month or so but this shouldn’t require any closures.