Construction update 23rd May

It’s been a while since the last construction update, so here are some overdue pictures showing the progress that has been made in the last few weeks.

Substation roof on 190516.jpg
Substation nearing completion

The substation roof is on with slates completed, and is awaiting the final steps (doors and metal wall cladding). This should be completed in the next few weeks, ready for the electrical fit-out.

T3 hardstanding 190516
T3 hardstanding, with a swallow photo-bombing the foreground!

The contractors have moved the heavy plant down to T3 to make a start there; the final connecting section of road has been completed, and the hardstanding cut and fill is almost finished, giving a level surface for the crane to operate on.

T2 hardstanding completed
T2 hardstanding completed
T2 foundation cage
T2 foundation cage assembled

At T2, the hardstanding is complete, apart from the final section which will be built over part of the foundation once this is poured and backfilled. A thin blinding layer of concrete has been poured in the foundation base to give a clean, flat working area for assembling the steel reinforcement. The foundation cage has been assembled here; this is comprised of a series of long, heavy duty bolts, screwed into steel rings at the top and bottom. The turbine will eventually be bolted onto the top of these long rods.

T1 foundation steelwork
T3 steelwork completed, ready for the concrete pour this week

At T3, you can see how the steel rebar is then built up around the foundation cage to provide the reinforcement for the foundation. Shuttering will be built up around this shortly to hold the concrete in place around the edges when it is poured. You can also see the ducts which have been buried under the foundation structure, ready to thread the electricity and communication cables for the turbines once these are laid later in the year.

Boards on site 190516
Site visit by the partner boards

Last Thursday we had a site visit with directors from both of the partner organisations, BHA Enterprise Ltd, and Community Energy Scotland Trading Ltd. They were pleased to see the great progress being made and were impressed at the quality of the work carried out by the contractors to date.

Finally, another reminder that the first foundation pour will be happening this Thursday, 26th May.